Path IHC's Integrated Services

At PATH, we recognize that clients receive the best possible care when they are offered a comprehensive integrated network of services. We also understand that many clients already have some of these services in place. PATH is open to creative partnerships that allow existing providers to continue the amazing work that they do while utilizing PATH service offerings to enhance and expand the care that each client receives.

Some examples include:

School-Based Services:

PATH lives its commitment to Zero Barriers by partnering with several school districts to provides services directly to students and their families within the trusted and familiar framework of the school environment. Much different from a referral-based relationship, PATH service providers can actually come to the school and offer services on site. Case Management, Therapy, and even Psychiatric services can be offered through these partnerships and each relationship is structured based on the individual needs of the school.

Program Enhancement Services:

Much like with School Based Services, PATH service providers are available to offer services in conjunction with established residential and outpatient service providers. This can include SUD treatment providers, Hospitals, CMHC’s, or any agency that currently offers behavioral health services. PATH services can be delivered on site at any location so providers will enjoy the benefit of offering enhanced services to their existing clients without the burden of managing logistics like transportation, billing conflicts, and client confusion regarding “primary” providers.