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Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Fact: we all struggle with mental and behavioral health.

Take some time to get help. We specialize mental health therapy, medication management, and case management for struggling children to adults.

Your PATH to Personalized Care

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to mental wellness.

Our plans are customized to our client’s needs, meaning you only get the care you need, delivered in the way that serves you best.

Integrated System of Care

All PATH providers use a connected system of care.

Forget managing multiple meetings across multiple agencies just to get the help you need. Our integrated system makes it easy to coordinate your care services.

What is PATH? 

A new way to think about mental wellness.

PATH provides behavioral counseling, psychiatric services, and medication management for struggling children, adolescents, and adults.


What Brings you to PATH Behavioral Healthcare Today?

I’m seeking help

Let’s talk. Once we understand your needs, we can discuss treatment and insurance.

I have a referral

That’s great—let’s get them the help they need. We accept most insurance plans.

I’m looking for a job

You’re in luck! Path Behavioral Healthcare is hiring, and we’d love to hear from you.

Find Mental Health Services Near You

We offer outpatient mental and behavioral health services. Click to find mental health services near you. Telehealth remote appointments are also available.




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What Our Patients Say About Us

“I was skeptical at first, actually a bit hesitant to call PATH due to the situation I had got myself into. But once I acknowledged I needed help, I made the call and am so glad I did. My situation is very different now with the treatments I have received.”

Johan Hendrikse

Behavioral Health PATIENT

Path Behavioral Health Attends Lebanon’s Healthy Living Market
Path Behavioral Health It was a privilege to represent PATH In Lebanon.
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