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Lafayette, LA

1405 West Pinhook Road , Suite 107 

Phone: +1-337-232-9457

Fax: 337-223-9457

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Opelousas, LA

1211 W Vine St, Ste C, Opelousas, LA

Phone: +1-337-678-3201

Fax: 337-678-3203

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Slidell, LA

350 Gateway Dr, Slidell, 70461

Phone: +1-985-707-1410

Fax: 985-707-1415

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Behavioral Health In Louisiana

Any mental illness - 18.5% of state residents suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. This is statistically similar to the national average (17%). The most common forms of mental illness in Louisiana are:

1) Affective disorders - mood disorders like major depressive disorder (MDD) or dysthymia

2) Anxiety disorders - these include panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive behavior

3) Behavioral disorders - most commonly ADHD

4) Dementias - including Alzheimer's disease

5) Schizophrenia - with psychosis or without

6) Eating disorders

7) Substance use disorders - often found in conjunction with other mental illnesses

8) Intellectual disability

9) Developmental disabilities.