Path Adolescent Day Treatment Center

Salt Lake City, UT


Welcome to Day Treatment!

Sometimes life can be challenging, we understand that. For many of us a little extra support is all we need to get back on track, and we live in a world of ever-expanding access to mental health. However sometimes a little help just is not enough, we watch our loved ones struggle to deal with the basics of life; like making it to school every day, fighting with everyone in their lives, becoming overwhelmed with stress or depression, running away or even getting in trouble with the law. That is where we can help.

Our 90 day program is tailor made to support your teen as they navigate these challenges. Couched in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), we offer a comprehensive approach that includes Medication and Behavior management. We also know the impact that a struggling member of a family can have on you, and make sure to support you and your family through the program with family therapy and care giver support. We believe that despite all our challenges, everyone can live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

We invite you to take a moment and read more about us, then give us a call or shoot us an email to see if we are a good fit for you and your child.

Our Services

Individual therapy

Each client meets regularly with their personal therapist who supports them with individualized treatment goals.

Group therapy

Clients participate in daily group therapy sessions and recreational and experiential activities to gain support from peers, learn interpersonal skills, and apply these skills to real life settings.

Behavioral management

Specialized behavior managers help your child gain awareness of their own behaviors and develop more skillful ways to navigate day-to-day tasks and relationships.

Academic Support

Clients receive regular tutoring and support with online programs that meets their credit needs so that they do not fall behind while dedicating focus to their mental health.

Family therapy

Weekly family therapy sessions are an integrated part of our program. We aim to support the whole family system, as we recognize that all family members play a role and are impacted by your child’s challenges. We utilize a trauma informed, emotion-focused and skills-based approach.

Intensive out patient (IOP): 

We offer programming three times a week, from 4pm to 6pm for adolescents who can maintain in school, but require structured, supervised, and therapeutic support after school hours. In this format, clients benefit from the same ACT-based approach and family therapy services as in our day treatment model. The program is individualized to meet each client's needs.

Your involvement as a caregiver leads to positive outcomes for your child.

Your participation is a part of our program:

Six-week parenting workshops:

Learn skills in communication and emotion coaching to support your child in their growth and improve your family relationships.

Monthly open groups:

Participate in a psychoeducational workshop, check in with your child’s therapist, and learn about the programming that your child is engaged in.

Quarterly open house:

An opportunity to come and learn about our program! Learn about who we serve and the outcomes we work towards. See what our ACT treatment model is all about and hear about our emotion-focused parenting approach.

Our Mission

We believe in breaking down barriers of access to mental health treatment. Our comprehensive Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based program, along with family and community support, strives to create a space that fosters growth and resilience in the face of childhood adversities. Our integrated approach allows for wrap around support of youth dealing with a wide range of struggles, from childhood trauma, to anxiety, substance use, reactive attachment disorders, and beyond. 

Our core program is a day treatment program (sometimes referred to as a PHP) that runs Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. This 3-month program is designed to support youth in navigating life's challenges through learning skillful behaviors, the practice of cognitive defusion, and adopting value-based living. Our program is geared toward those with academic,

social, emotional, or behavioral challenges who need more support than traditional therapy offers. We are also here to support adolescents in the process of stepping down from a higher level of care.

Our Team

Our team members bring their knowledge and expertise to the table to ensure that every project we work on is a success.

Jamaica Shires

Program Director

Yotam Livnat

CMHC Clinical Director

Ysa Stepp

SSW Behavior Manager

Vanessa Truglio

LMFT Therapist

Miranda Poe

SSWi Behavior Manager

Cinthya Romo

Office Receptionist